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Stephen Feely, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and faculty of The Four Winds Society, offers individual sessions and group workshops to facilitate healing journeys based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the Andean shamans in Peru. 


The Great Love Story

Stephen Feely

The Great Love Story of the Universe


To the Q'ero shaman, the Universe is imbued with aliveness, with consciousness. The shaman experiences her world as a powerful encounter with the Divine as it lives in all things, as an intimate relationship of the highest love. Where ever the shaman may walk, she is never alone. This enriching communion with nature is nurtured by their beautiful Creation Story, whose foundation is ecstatic loving union of Pachamama and Pachapapa, our Cosmic Mother and Father, where Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine join in perfect balance and harmony.

Dear ones, beautiful children of the light, beautiful children of the dark, gather around and I will tell you a story about you.

Long ago, in the mythic time before time, there lived like a great radiant light on the Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun), in Lake Titicaca, a God King. Also, dancing on the shimmering waters of the sacred lake, on the Isla de Luna (Island of the Moon), there lived a Goddess Queen, wise with mystery and the womb of dreams. Their partnership was the foundation of all life.

In perfect love and perfect trust, they created into all that is, in time and outside of time, in a primal transference of wisdom, power, love and sacred space (Yanachaqui).

And the people honored the radiance of light God, calling him the Cosmic Divine Father (Pachapapa). And the people honored the womb of dark Goddess, calling her the Cosmic Divine Mother (Pachamama). This great cosmic love was like a chakay (activated portal bridge) between heaven and earth. This chakay came as rainbows, lightning and beams of piercing sunlight through the clouds by day. And this chakay came as the long path of twinkling light Milky Way (Chaska Kuna/star brothers and sisters) by night.

This great love energy chakay wove together the story of creation, the story of the people, connecting the Hanaq Pacha (Upper World) to the Kay Pacha (Middle World) to the Ukhu Pacha (Lower World), and their three great guides Pachakuti, Quetzelcoatl, and Huascar. It connected the four directions of South, North, West and East. And the sacred alchemy of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The four great archetype power animal guides, Sachamama, Great Mother Serpent & Otorongo, Mother-Sister Jaguar &, Siwar Kenti, Sweet Royal Hummingbird & Apuchin, Great Condor were woven in there as well. And the sacred human energies of Yankay (right work and action), Munay (right unconditional loving), and Yachay (right thinking and wisdom) and all the Munay-Ki rites of initiation to become a being of great wisdom and power.

Also included in this chakay great tapestry of creation were the twelve sun stations and thirteen moon (Mama Killa) stations of the wheel of the year, as well as the four big star beings that lived as the Southern Cross helping all the people find their way home.

And at the very Cusco (center) of this chakay, lived The People. The people who lived in the middle of all the worlds, and the 4 sacred directions of the ancient medicine path of life that showed the way to transform, metabolize and mulch (Michui) dense energy (Hucha) into light clean energy (Sami), and the primal alchemical elements, and the wise spirit guides and potent power animals, and the cosmic expressions of kin, and the ancient ancestors, and the dynamic life giving wheel of the year, and all that it was to live as a human being.

Creation lived here in this Wiracocha (Source of the Sacred) and was held in the great love union energy of Pachamama and Pachapapa, in time and outside of time. Forever more, and so it is, all in ayni (right relationship).

And remember, you are creation my sacred one, you are one of The People, a child of the light, a child of the dark, and you are immeasurably loved, forever.

Urpichay soncochay (Translates: "Deepest of thank you my sweet one from the most tender place in my heart")

Aho!, all my relations.


The actual word/symbol of this cosmic chakay has come to be known, through the mists of time, as the Chakana. It is often referred to as the 'Inka Cross'. The word/symbol Chakana, which of course is much more than just a thing, much more like the most primal essence of activated energy, can best be translated as "acting as a bridge" or "wayshower to make the crossing".

It is an ancient shaman's map.

It is an ancient shaman's path.

A place of becoming one with power, knowledge and love.