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Stephen Feely, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and faculty of The Four Winds Society, offers individual sessions and group workshops to facilitate healing journeys based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the Andean shamans in Peru. 


Medicine Wheel Classes

Join our growing community of Pampamesayok Shaman School students!

To journey around the medicine wheel is to renew a sacred contract with life.

It is like saying yes to the beloved expression of what is most precious within yourself.

Stephen, you and your team are rock stars at inviting people into this space of great support and great re-awakening to the source of love and abundance.

I am walking happily now into a life of service to the earth and all her vital creation.

This is the future of peace and harmony that I now courageously dare to dream. Aho!
— Jennifer C., Seattle, WA

In The South class,

Here you will begin your medicine wheel journey to transformation. The first step on this journey to wholeness is to release what no longer serves you. You will be supported in bringing to light the constrictive bindings of your old life stories, and how they limit and take you away from living the real truth of who you are in the present moment and who you are becoming. Our learning will be validated and interwoven with key concepts in psychology, bridging ancient wisdom with modern science. Through ancient sacred healing journeys and life awakening ceremonies, the teachings will guide you to walk the pathway of the shaman. Shed the obstacles to fully being alive; reclaim the power of your soul to craft a new wisdom map, filled with light and love, guiding you to a life of empowered freedom.

Come celebrate the medicine of Sachamama, great mother serpent!

The South Class Includes:

  • The Seer Rite (Kawak Rite), which allows us to perceive the invisible world. You can begin to perceive, follow, trust and effectively use your intuition as a valuable tool for navigating the world.

  • The Harmony Rite (Ayni Karpay Rite), which transmits universal archetypal energy into your Luminous Energy Field to assist you in creating balance in all areas of your life.

  • The Healer Rite (Hampi Mesa Rite), which connects you to a lineage of healer's altars through time to assist you in your personal healings.

  • Installation of luminous bands of power and protection in your energy field which allow you to be more present and available for life, instead of wasting your energy in fear, doubt or worry.

In The West class,

Here you will be supported in uncovering your own inherited ancestral and karmic patterns that may be limiting the expression of your destiny.  You will be invited into multiple exercises and processes that will allow you to find the gifts your ancestors have given you, and respectfully honor the wisdom that lives in their path.  As you break free from the crippling heavy energy of fear, undaunted even by the fear of death, energy becomes available to courageously express your life as you consciously want to dream it.  This class delves deeply into the emotional ecology of the many archetypes that form our perception of the world.  Embark fearlessly upon a more conscious life; follow the path of the awakened luminous peace warrior who has no enemies in this world or beyond.

Come celebrate the medicine of Otorongo, great mother-sister jaguar!

The West Class Includes:

  • The Earthkeeper Rite (Pampamesayok Rite) which makes you a steward of the Earth, and the ebb and flow of the seasons, death and life. This rite allows you to step out of the story of your personal mother and into the collective mother who never leaves you. You become a steward of all life.

  • The Rite of the Womb - This is from a lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering. This lineage of women wants us to remember that the womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life. (In this 13th rite of the Munay-Ki, men participate and receive the celebrations and blessings as well by holding strong protective space for the women.)


In the North class,

Here you will be guided on sacred journeys outside of time to find hidden aspects of your soul. Through these soul retrieval journeys, you will discover the nature of past traumas and stress, listening deeply to your inner wisdom as it guides you to heal into and re-embrace the sweet nectar of your Divine Self.  In this class we release the limiting roles and labels we identify with, and discover the incredible power that intent, thoughts and action have on shaping our experience.  As you clear the inner and outer clutter of your life, you will be remembering and reclaiming your life as a mythic pathway where you are the self-referencing creator of the journey of your becoming.  Return to your natural playfulness; reclaim a new and unvanquishable spirit of innocence.  Become more available to hear Spirit’s call and see the world through the eyes of child-like wonder.

Come celebrate the medicine of Siwar Kenti, great royal hummingbird!

The North Class Includes:

  • The Wisdomkeeper Rite (Altomesayok Rite). Lore says that the ancient wisdom resides in the high mountains. Learn to source directly from these mountains and become part of a lineage of wisdom keepers. This rite will help you to protect the wisdom you carry and to share it with others when appropriate.

  • The Mosak Rite, links you to the time to come and to who we are becoming, evolving from homosapiens to homoluminous.

In The East class,

Completing the circle of your transformational medicine wheel journey, you will be invited to courageously dream the world into being.  In this class you will develop the skills to liberate amazing levels of life energy, and journey to receive the spiritual sources of support that are always available to you. As you explore the power of indigenous alchemy, you awaken to seeing the sacred in everything, embracing all events and situations as opportunities to love. By compassionately owning the deeply held limiting beliefs you have been unconsciously projecting into your life, you release their power over you, allowing you to retrieve your highest and best destiny. You will learn how when we live consciously, we can also die consciously, leaving this life fully aware as we step off into the greatest journey ready for the mystery of what lies beyond.  Let your wings of light fly boldly into the vision of your becoming.

Come celebrate the medicine of Apuchin, great condor!

The East Class Includes

  • The Starkeeper Rite (Kurak Akuyak Rite), according to Lore, upon receiving this rite your physical body will begin to evolve into homoluminous, the aging process slows and you become resistant to diseases you were once vulnerable to. You will acquire stewardship of the time to come and the future generations.

  • The Creator Rite (Taitanchis Ranti Rite), awakening the God-light within and gives you stewardship for all creation, from the grains of the earth to the great galaxies. You will step into the place of the creator and envision the world into being.

The way has magnificently opened now that I am undertaking these powerful classes and have very supportive brothers and sisters who completely understand me.

Deep foundational changes occurred as I got out of my own way, and all from a heart that now radiates joy rather than fear and worry.

I am so grateful to you Stephen.
— Tony K., Santa Fe, NM