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265 Sacred Earth Lane
Winchester, TN 37398


Stephen Feely, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and faculty of The Four Winds Society, offers individual sessions and group workshops to facilitate healing journeys based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the Andean shamans in Peru. 

Client Testimonials


More Words from Satisfied Clients:


On the recommendation of a friend I signed up to have a session with Stephen. I really didn’t feel I had any big issues I needed clarity on, but my friend was insistent. Wow, I am so glad I did. It was like the space Stephen provided for me was so deeply safe and loving that the hidden place inside myself, that needed honoring and a return to balance, jumped right into the session, surprising me as well. I have signed up for a second session, to now work on being fully present for some remarkable new horizons in my life that I formerly would never have remotely dreamed possible.
— Wendy L., - Rhinebeck, NY
I have been able to recover an immense amount of energy – physical, as well as emotional. A playful engaging sort of energy. I feel so empowered now to assist others. This is community building. Helping yourself is helping the world.
— Kathy D. - Rising Fawn, GA

In a session with Stephen, what was presented was a mirror to see the deep, timeless beauty of my soul as well as safe space to find my own inner strength to claim a destiny for myself that really honored who I am. It is so much easier to see the beauty in others now as well. Thank you so much Stephen.
— Kimberly D. – Ringgold, GA

Our organization is small and very intimate. Effective communication is key to our success. Stephen, with amazing skill and creativity, has very effectively helped us transform barriers to one another into an open and professional dialogue that focuses 100 % on both individual and group success.
— Deborah M. - Founder, Market Wizards
Stephen is such a good listener. He deeply paid attention to every aspect of what our team was struggling with, and instead of suggesting solutions, he did the best thing of all. He guided us masterfully to uncover our own inner resources and activate a creative solutions process that was uniquely ours. He prepared us to be our own best success coaches.
— Lamar B., Tennessee
Every organization would benefit from a yearly session with Stephen. It will totally help you refocus on your group’s view of success, in a current, very alive sort of way. You will unlock gifts you hadn’t even realized were present. Individuals will be much more satisfied with their work and will rediscover the incredible power of team work.
— - Thomas G. – C.E.O., Fair Trade Imports

I’m a nurse. I have so much training, skills and experience in helping people get well. Yet here I was, unable to find any relief from a growing feeling of low energy and severe bouts of nausea from what had become nightly incidents of a mysterious pain deep in my body. Stephen’s approach, brand new as it was to me, was perfect in its healing effectiveness, as well as how completely natural it felt. Stephen helped create a space that was completely empowering to me. I felt he totally respected my medical training background – respected me personally, period. I have so much to learn from him. I am so glad a doctor friend of mine recommended Stephen to me. Great sleep and vital days are mine again.
— Caroline S. – Nashville, TN
My back pain had been with me since I was a teenager some twenty years ago. Taking medication all the time, my whole body system, physically and emotionally felt out of whack – very roller coaster between highs and lows. In two very comprehensive healing sessions with Stephen, all within the space of four days, I moved to an almost pain free existence. Here, two weeks later, I am completely off all my medications. Stephen has been very available to counsel me on innumerable changes and shifts in my diet. He is so knowledgeable.
“Even better, I am remembering the little ballet girl that lived in me as a child, performing dance routines for my adoring Dad when he came home from work in the evening. Already, from all the money I am saving from not having to purchase expensive pain medication, I have collected together enough to begin a yoga instructor’s training course. I have a new life that is completely embracing who I really am. Thank you, thank you Stephen.
— Ananda B. - Boston, MA
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My children were understandably distraught and acting out in intensely dramatic ways when my husband and I were seeking a divorce. Stephen worked with both me and my children, ages 6 through 14. He is ‘full-on’ compassion and my children felt that completely. He is also very playful and humorous which really got their attention and affection. Stephen was the stillness in the storm and offered that presence to all of us as well. He helped me discover all the places inside where I didn’t feel safe with myself. Amazingly, this is where I couldn’t be safe with my husband. This awareness, and the lightness of a return to joy and peace, brought many surprising gifts into my life. With new possibilities emerging everywhere, it was no surprise to see my husband in a completely different light. He and I are going out on dates again and rediscovering those original passions that brought us together in the first place. I could never have dreamed in such a beautiful outcome. Stephen is terrific. My family is closer than ever.
— Susan C. – Fayetteville, TN

Stephen provided great counseling for our whole family. My wife and I are deeply in love with each other again. Our children are no longer having daily meltdowns which seemed to pull us all into tears and ager. Our two sons have decided to share a bedroom. Sounds of happiness permeate our home. We’ve gone from a very distracted family unit to a nourishing circle of love and empowerment. I am so glad I took my minister’s recommendation to give Stephen a try. Every family would seriously benefit from access to the kind of quality counseling Stephen provides. Falling back in love never felt so good.
— Daniel T. - Manchester, TN

I was having trouble sleeping. Seems I could never remember my dreams. I felt a dullness inside. Through Stephen’s wise and intimate guidance, I now feel amazingly awake and sleep like a baby at night. I feel playful again. I have fallen back in love with my husband, and even better, myself.
— Catherine S. - Atlanta, GA
Thank you so much Stephen. I am so grateful to God, the Universe, Angels and Spirit Guides for directing me to you. I thank you so much for the healing work that you do and the time and care you took with me in session. I have already had some amazing connections with this beautiful energy around me through feelings of peace at unexpected times, physical objects appearing that I consider gifts and even sounds to confirm my healing and connection are real.
— Melanie W., Manchester, TN

It is fascinating that the areas in my life that were so closed off are now are so open and healed.
I am so very grateful. I feel free of a great burden and I thank you so very much for your kindness and compassion assisting me towards a more balanced life.
It feels like a curse has been lifted. Truly.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I will most definitely call you to schedule another session.
I absolutely trust you and I knew you would help me!

Thank you again, Stephen.
— Julie S., N. Carolina