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265 Sacred Earth Lane
Winchester, TN 37398


Stephen Feely, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and faculty of The Four Winds Society, offers individual sessions and group workshops to facilitate healing journeys based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the Andean shamans in Peru. 


I have never felt so in touch with myself, so alive. Stephen lovingly journeyed with me and helped me unlock my amazing potential. It’s like I’ve been given another chance to live and love.
— Marilyn S., Chattanooga
Stephen M. Feely and his beloved partner, Heidemarie

Stephen M. Feely and his beloved partner, Heidemarie

Meet Stephen M. Feely

As senior faculty in The Four Winds Society, Institute for Energy Medicine, Stephen trains professional practitioners in the shamanic healing arts. 

He also guides students to sacred ceremonial sites in Peru to experience the rich culture of the native medicine men and women of the Andes.

Stephen has been practicing Energy Medicine for over a decade, empowering clients to transform their lives along their revitalizing journey to wholeness.

The question we should be asking ourselves isn’t ‘Is it too late to begin living a life of passion and purpose?’ but ‘How do I start today?’
— Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Is anything holding you back from courageously embracing the life of your dreams? 

In this powerfully transformative awakening, individual by individual,we can all become emissaries of love,  and return home to our original Divine Nature. 

Guiding individuals of all ages, as well as families, businesses and organizations, Stephen uses a variety of settings - including his office, clients’ homes, gardens and wildlands - to assist clients both in-person and with remote sessions.

Stephen is also certified in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki method of natural healing, and has 20+ years of experience with environmental education and horticultural therapy.

He is a member of :

Dearly Beloved Child of the Divine,

I warmly greet you in friendship as we celebrate the gift of this sacred present moment to become acquainted with each other.

I so deeply value connection.  It is the very fiber of life, love and beauty.  Connections are the timeless vibrations that pulse in your heart and in mine, like there is no separation.  For truly, all our souls, all of creation, greets in oneness - right now!

Your Journey begins here...

Just holding a handful of seeds,

realizing their potential, 

their connection to past and future,

is so heart opening, so healing,

so embracing of one’s own soul presence.  

Client after client has experienced incredible levels of freedom from disease and physical and emotional obstacles as they were led to rediscover and claim their healed state, while being so intimately held in the energy of greening and growing aliveness. 

This is each of my clients. This is you. 

We can all plant ourselves in the fertility of life and grow in awareness of our journey that allows for harvesting a rich flow of affirming YES! energy in our every day.  I have been so honored to assist people just like you with their journey to deeply connecting with their essential nature. 

Yours Truly,    

Stephen M. Feely

Let me introduce you to my family...

The living truth of our inter-connectedness with nature weaves into the warp and weft throughout the tapestry of my life.

My son Noah and my daughter Angelina working with me in the garden.

My son Noah and my daughter Angelina working with me in the garden.

My partner and I have raised our four children on our bio-dynamic organic farm, tucked in a misty cove in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee.

Our simple, hands-on, natural way of life has been so much more fulfilling than merely knowing our solar panels and composting are reducing our footprint on the earth.  By honoring that vital connection with the earth that sustains us, we have found this intimate relationship with nature nourishes our spirit, as well.  

Imagine how powerfully transformative it is to find the very living earth embracing you with her vitality.  

You are invited to have a taste of what we call "living in sacred relationship." Just watch our video below.  

May you be inspired!  

VIDEO: Living in Sacred Relationship

Childhood Memories…


I have always felt an intimate connection with nature, starting way back as a little child, sitting in a warm shaft of golden sunshine in my oak tree grove by a creek that trickled near my house.  There I was, taking in the magic of a handful of softly colored pebbles while watching a bright red salamander peek out at me from under the tendrils of a verdant green fern.  Songbirds filled the misty forest air with music.  I was so at peace.

I’m sure as you imagine all this, you feel it intimately as well.  Weaving deeply into me at that connecting moment, and numerous others of my childhood, was the keen awareness of the deep source of healing energy that resides in infinite abundance from Nature – the earth, the sun and all of creation.

 Our experiences in nature are so restorative, for Nature’s healing power carries an energetic blueprint that matches the living matrix of our own.  

My Youth in Environmental Education…


This awareness, this deep nourishing connection, led me straight into many passionate years as a professional environmental educator working with children and the inner child of teenagers and adults.  Delightful work that allowed me to share my love of nature and help steward a connection – or re-connection – of people’s hearts to a living ecology.

My environmental education days brought me a most astonishing discovery. Yes, it was a delight to watch people respond so richly in deep relaxation and revitalization of spirit to time in connection with the natural world.  (I’m sure you can relate to this.)  What really touched my heart with amazement was to watch the natural world respond so richly in kind to being loved and admired in openhearted connection with people!  There was a nourishing energetic radiance flowing effortlessly both ways - completely natural, clearly expressing a core foundation of the human experience. 

That bright radiance I witnessed again and again, in people of all ages, is the very same whole body illumination that my clients, wonderful people just like you, receive in a session with me. A very powerful return to a life-affirming, abundantly whole nature.  This is where you can most easily source from a place of incredible wisdom and vitality that allows you to reclaim a deep awareness of your soul’s purpose.

Gratitude Acknowledgements -


To my Colleagues -

I would like to express the deepest of gratitude to my colleagues in the Four Winds Society and the Pampamesayok Shaman School for their ever present love and support!

To my Students and Clients -

I sincerely thank each of you for your open and available soul presence.  You gift me once again with the power of the human experience. As we seek deep into the sacred mystery of love and life, in complete vulnerability, we emerge all the richer.  What a celebration of hearts being fully awake and alive!

To my Dear Family -

And to my beloved partner and our four children, perhaps the greatest teachers I'll ever know. "Thank you" hardly even begins to speak to the tremendous circle of love you have always warmly offered me.  My journey of service is dedicated to you.