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Stephen Feely, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and faculty of The Four Winds Society, offers individual sessions and group workshops to facilitate healing journeys based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the Andean shamans in Peru. 

What to Expect

What usually happens during a private session.

What to Expect

Your session will be as unique as you are, as I use all my training, experience and skills to seek the path of best service for your journey to wholeness.  However, each session will generally follow this basic format:

II. Supportive Guidance

After this period of sharing, I assist you in discovering and embracing the core essence of your authentic self, while guiding you to a place of deep stillness within.  In this place of connection to Divine Source, we journey together to uncover any life patterns, limiting behaviors and beliefs that are holding you back from being fully present to who you really are… and more importantly, who you are becoming!

I. Deep Listening

A session begins by providing a supportive and compassionate environment for you to share your concerns. As I listen to you, I sense and track the deeper levels of what is being said. Throughout our work together, I hold a strong intention to discover and source from your whole and completely vitalized state of being.  

This intention to see you in all your radiant wellness crafts a very successful container for your session.

III. Revitalizing Energy

Next, while you are resting in a comfortable, relaxed position, completely present with me, my hands will hover lightly over your luminous energy field. The vibrating movement of my rattle and the sweet smell of sacred aromatic smoke and herbal infused spritzing water all collectively assist and support you in clearing the imprints of physical and emotional obstacles.

As I work on clearing your energy field, I share with you what I am perceiving. Deep honoring happens as you hear what you have somehow always known was there.  Being “seen” through an open heart of compassionate understanding activates your healing journey. An incredibly powerful release of noxious energies and emotions results from this process, allowing you to shed baggage and break free of forces that have derailed you from your soul’s highest destiny. 

All the while, I will be intentionally directing pure revitalizing life force energy, straight from Divine Source, to nourish and bring your whole energy field to a place of glowing and vibrant illumination. 

This profoundly transformative process will feel like a miracle – true healing journeys are like that! We will both celebrate you in your beautiful radiance. 

IV. Collective Integration

Once we have restored your energy field to its natural state of vibrancy, it is important for you to fully embrace this completely vitalized awareness of your healed self. I help you bring closure to our session as you integrate all the new gifts, the wisdom, and the recovered aspects of your soul. Together we draw a new map for your journey that allows you to successfully navigate the new reality of your life. Uplifting possibilities and extraordinary beauty become your ever-present expressions as you go forth, ready to live your highest destiny to the fullest




"The healing process cannot be fulfilled in one part of us without engaging ALL of us."

- Heidemarie J. Huber, CHt

Stephen M. Feely, Nature Shaman
Your assistance, support and knowledge in facilitating the deep issues that needed to be released and healed are invaluable. The constant state of happiness that consumed me was amazing. I feel so much lighter, aware and free to explore life - that is a beautiful gift within itself!! Thank you again so much for everything and I hope we will have the opportunity to meet in person one day.
— India H., Athens GA
Thank you for the powerful session. I don’t know what you did, and I don’t normally “feel” things happen, but something did happen. My heart was much clearer and open, was able to spend time with challenging family members the next day and really enjoy it. I’d love a follow up session.
— Hope M. - Franklin, TN

I refuse to let my autonomic nervous system disorder (POTS) define me. It has controlled my life for 3 years... I’ve just returned from physical therapy. As soon as I walked in, my therapist said I looked different... He said, “I don’t know exactly, but you look younger & more in balance.” After our session, I felt much better, I’m walking 80% of the time on my own with no assistance (cane, etc...) Amazing.
— Jenny G., Nashville, TN