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Stephen Feely, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and faculty of The Four Winds Society, offers individual sessions and group workshops to facilitate healing journeys based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the Andean shamans in Peru. 


How we support you

We are here to support your transformation along the shamanic journey

I love how you have taught us Stephen. You have invited us to hold our lives in a very sacred way. Fear has dropped away and cleared the lenses of my seeing.

It feels great to have a village of love all around me. It is this very natural human experience of connection that I am so thankful for.
— Cynthia K., Winona, MN

Your Medicine Wheel experience will include:


Sample Schedule

A special bonus 4th day is included at no extra charge as an optional opportunity to expand on what we have learned.

Day 1:

  • 1-2:30pm Registration and Welcome

  • 2:30-6pm Intro, opening sacred space, teachings.

  • 7:30-9pm fire ceremony

Day 2:

  • 8am- 6pm Teachings, personal processes and group work (lunch and dinner break included)

  • 7:30 - 9pm ceremony and rites

Day 3:

  • 8am- 6pm Teachings, personal processes and group work ( lunch and dinner break included)

  • 7:30 - 9pm ceremony and rites

Day 4 (Bonus day):

  • 8am - 12 Noon Teachings, personal processes, closing sacred space.

  • 12pm 'till? Celebrating our ayllu with a shared lunch together

  • Welcome letters before each direction with details to support your full class participation.

  • Collaborative hands-on practices of the shaman's path including the art of journeying.

  • Deep experiential exercises for personal transformation.

  • Developing a powerful relationship with stillness and energy through the centering and harmonizing practice of shamanic Fire Breathing.

  • Traditional shamanic initiation rites and ceremonies some of which were, until very recently, only given at sacred sites in the Andes.

  • Learning to see into the unseen, beyond the constraints of space and time, using shamanic tracking skills in your personal journey work.

  • Learning the ethics that guide your shamanic way of being so that you may support beauty and well being in your world.

  • Becoming intimate kin to an ancient lineage of medicine carriers.

  • Developing a powerful and personal relationship with the great shamanic archetypes.

  • Being able to build your own personal shamanic altar, called a mesa, to potently support your dreaming your world into being.

  • An invitation to join a weekly celebration with medicine carriers all over the planet.

  • Traditional wisdom teachings of the Laika, Q'ero Shamans of Peru, and of the Four Winds Society.

  • An invitation to journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru on a spiritual expedition to sit in wisdom keeper ceremonies with the Laika, high shamans of the Andes.

  • Community calls with your teaching staff between each directional class to check-in and assist with growth and integration.

  • An opportunity to sign up for personal healing sessions with your faculty team to further support the work we do in class.

  • Supportive guidance in developing a deeply activated self sustaining ayllu community with your classmates.

Way of the Shaman. Those words haunted my soul with a beckoning that would not turn me loose.

Now that I answered the call and am claiming that ancient seat of power at the fire that has always been there for me, love will have no limits.

I cherish my dear sisters and brothers in this tribe of Earthkeepers.
— Rick H., Austin, TX