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Stephen Feely, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and faculty of The Four Winds Society, offers individual sessions and group workshops to facilitate healing journeys based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the Andean shamans in Peru. 

Peru Expeditions


Pampamesayok Shaman School is honored to make yearly expeditions to the place where our wisdom teachings source from.


Spiritual Expeditions to Peru

This is no regular tourist trip to the Peruvian Andes. Our expeditions offer a unique opportunity exclusively for students of the Andean shamanic path (and their spouses and children) to work directly with some of the most extraordinary medicine women and men of the world.

Come, join us in ceremony with the keepers of luminous healing, soul retrieval and of the prophecies of the time to come. You will be warmly welcomed as brothers and sisters as they lead us in ceremony at some of the most sacred sites in the revered mountains of the Andes.

Enjoy worry free, all inclusive travel. Once you have arrived, all the logistics have been fully worked out to the last detail. All you need to do is show up at the Cusco airport, and we take care of you, the rest of the way.

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2020 Expedition to the Sacred Valley and the land of the Q’eros

Core Trip: Sunday, 5 July to Thursday, 16 July 2020

Machu Picchu Extension: Thursday 16 July to Saturday, 18 July, 2020

- Highlights -


The Sacred Valley of the Incas

The Sacred Valley proper refers to a stretch of the valley where the river, known as the Urubamba, the Vilcanota, or the more traditional reference as the Willkamayu, flows.  In Quechua, Willkamayu means "sacred river"

Once the bread basket, and heartland of the Inca Empire, the Sacred Valley is known for its mild year round temperatures, abundant water, and rich deep soils.  Part of what makes this valley sacred is its incredible fertility.  Small scale traditional farming, collectively worked by community cooperatives, is still being done in this valley on ancient terraces that were made thousands of years ago.  It is not at all surprising to see farmers plowing a field with a pair of bulls yoked up to a wooden plow. 


This is a where the ancient shamans grew their wisdom side by side with their corn.

Moray is an ancient agricultural laboratory and seedling nursery. This site showcases stunningly beautiful circular terraces, built one on top of the other within natural sinkholes, resembling sunken amphitheaters. The gradual microclimates existing with the descending terraces reflect environmental conditions from all over South America.

There is a tangible feeling of being in the womb of Pachamama in this sacred space that deeply touches those who visit. When you lie on your belly in this site, the energy is so strong that you can easily and deeply connect to the heartbeat or pulse of the sacred Earth Mother, and remember this loving connection within your living soul.

Moray 2019.jpg



Chinchero is mythically known as the 'Birthplace of the Rainbow.'

All the colors of the rainbow can be found within the herbs, flowers, seeds and roots that grow in the fields and forests around this village. They are still respectfully collected today, as they have been for thousands of years, to create the color backdrop of the beautiful textiles, weavings and other crafts that are created by the artisans of this village. The weaver's cooperatives share demonstrations of the multi-layered process that is performed to create their amazing creations.

Behind the main square is a lovely archeological site. While the wide terraces are known to be for growing crops, the shamans speak of this ancient sacred site as holding a portal to support accessing our most beautiful dreams.



Pisaq is a place for visioning and dreaming your world into being.

The quaint village of Pisaq is one of the first towns you reach as you travel over the pass to the Sacred Valley. There is a beautiful tree in the central plaza called the Pisonay tree, referred to as the "Tree of Life." It is said to energetically anchor this village to the middle world since it so strongly sources from heaven.

Above the town of Pisaq is an archaeological park with the same name. Within it are some of the finest terraces and stone walls in all of Peru. Like at Machu Picchu, this site contains an Intihuatana, or sacred ribbon connecting the Papa Sun (Intitayta) to the Mama Earth (Pachamama) - the sacred masculine to the sacred feminine in loving union. This engraved ritual stone holds a sacred astronomical calendar.

Water Fountain square.jpeg


Let the vibrant sacred waters of this temple cleanse and balance your light body.

Tipón is an architectural wonder of the world, elaborately laid out with exquisite waterways, pools, waterfalls and fountains. This sacred site is dedicated to the honoring of Mamaqocha, the blessed waters of the earth. The name Tipón in Quechua means "to boil," based on the vast quantities of water bubbling up from mountain Apu Pachatusan.

Near Tipon is the village of Huasao, known as a village of healers who work with the energies of Apu Pachatusan. They call on the waters that flow under the sacred mountain to bring harmony and balance. Ceremony and ritual healing here is focused on the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies. The luminous energy field is cleansed here with the vibrantly alive water flowing through the many fountains.

Pachakuteq-cusco square.jpg

Cusco (in Quechua, Qosqo)

The ancient Inca capital, “navel of the world,” where ancient and modern worlds meet.

Of the many treasures of Cusco: lively street vendors; colorful traditional dances telling the story of the people; many gardens flowering among the colorful earth and stone buildings; a lively and mysterious shaman's market filled with many traditional indigenous healing supplies; narrow winding streets of the old town where you will still see children leading packs of llama and alpaca laden with food and supplies for farther reaching villages.

The Temple of Coricancha (in Quechua, Qorikancha) is a must see, as it was the religious, geographical and political center of the Inka capital of Cusco. Now a Catholic church, it was originally a temple where homage was paid to the Inka sun god, "Inti".



Enter into the ancient mystery of the Chakana, gateway to our sacred living Cosmos.

This bustling market village, and accompanying archaeological complexes, are some of the absolutely finest in the Andes. Set in the midst of an impressive mountainous terrain, Ollantaytambo permits a succession of astonishing effects in its surroundings. You could spend days here and continuously set eyes on new vistas at every moment.

When you walk the streets of this village you are literally touching stones that were laid down thousands of years ago. This place sings a song of ancient worship and connection to all of life. The archaeological site, unique in the world, has inspired many of the fantastic images of the Inca mythology. A very beautiful physical 3D representation of the ancient shaman's map of the Chakana, is located in this sacred site.

Qochamocco at dawn square.jpg


Meet the wisdom keepers of the Andes in their remote homeland above the clouds.

Few have the opportunity to visit Q'eros. It is a remote and very private community of a wonderful, warm hearted people. Those who are invited, and travel to their beautiful home, bond with them and are changed forever.

These wisdom keepers are alpaca herders, potato farmers, weavers, musicians, and paqos (medicine carriers) who live among the clouds in remote villages at 14,500 feet in the snow-capped Andes of Southeastern Peru. Considered to be the last Inkan community, the Q’eros strive to preserve their indigenous traditions. For over 500 years the people have lived in isolation, forgotten to the world, protected from the onslaught of Western modernity. Now the paqos of Q’eros are answering a call to share the nectar of the wisdom tradition that they have so carefully preserved. We are honored to participate.

And many more sacred sites!

Plus - Extension Trip to Machu Picchu

MachuPicchu-1 square.jpeg

Lose yourself in a magical portal to ancient times, in this Incan wonder of the world.

Our trip extension to the spectacular ruins of the ancient mythical city of Machu Picchu, will have us journeying into a steep sloped narrow mountain gorge in the bio-regional 'high jungle' area of Peru where snow capped Andean peaks meet Amazonian tropical rain forest. Besides being a sheer architectural wonder that confounds modern engineers - from the perfectly fitting stoneworks resistant to centuries of earthquakes, to the masterful waterworks and drainage systems - Machu Picchu is a powerful spiritual embodiment of the Incan Cosmovision.

The most famous ceremonial site is The Temple of the Sun, a finely carved semicircular tower with two windows that serve as connections to sacred astrological points: the first, offering a perfect view of Sunrise during the winter solstice, and the second, pointing to “Inti Punku,” the exact place where the Sun rises during the summer solstice.


Dear Voyager,

Our Sierra de Luz expeditions are intimate trips among friends.  We keep the level of participants reduced to a small number so as to journey with a soft footprint on the land. And so we can truly hear the whispers of why we were called to come.

If you are considering such a unique and profound opportunity, I'll be honored to be in this expansive medicine with you.  Please reach out with the form below to inquire and claim a space for yourself on this sacred expedition.

In warmest of love & light,


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