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Stephen Feely, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and faculty of The Four Winds Society, offers individual sessions and group workshops to facilitate healing journeys based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the Andean shamans in Peru. 


✜ Sierra de Luz ✜

A Shamanic Wisdom Journey for Returning to Love


Expeditions to Peru

This is no regular tourist trip to the Peruvian Andes.

Our expeditions offer a unique opportunity exclusively for students of the Andean shamanic path (and their spouses and children) to work directly with some of the most extraordinary medicine women and men of the world.

Come, meet the keepers of luminous healing, soul retrieval and of the prophecies of the time to come. You will be warmly welcomed as brothers and sisters as they lead us in ceremony at some of the most sacred sites in the revered mountains of the Andes.

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2019 Expedition to Q’eros & the Sacred Valley


The Sacred Valley of the Incas

The Sacred Valley proper refers to a stretch of the valley where the river, known as the Uru-bamba, the Vilcanota, or the more traditional reference as the Willkamayu, flows.  In Quechua, Willkamayu means "sacred river"

Once the bread basket, and heartland of the Inca Empire, the Sacred Valley is known for its mild year round temperatures, abundant water, and rich deep soils.  Part of what makes this valley sacred is its incredible fertility.  Small scale traditional farming, collectively worked by community cooperatives, is still being done in this valley on ancient terraces that were made thousands of years ago.  It is not at all surprising to see farmers plowing a field with a pair of bulls yoked up to a wooden plow. 


This is a where the ancient shamans grew their wisdom side by side with their corn.

Moray is an ancient agricultural laboratory and seedling nursery. This site showcases stunningly beautiful circular terraces, built one on top of the other within natural sinkholes, resembling sunken amphitheaters. The gradual microclimates existing with the descending terraces reflect environmental conditions from all over South America.

There is a tangible feeling of being in the womb of Pachamama in this sacred space that deeply touches those who visit. When you lie on your belly in this site, the energy is so strong that you can easily and deeply connect to the heartbeat or pulse of the sacred Earth Mother, and remember this loving connection within your living soul.

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