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Stephen Feely, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and faculty of The Four Winds Society, offers individual sessions and group workshops to facilitate healing journeys based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the Andean shamans in Peru. 

F A Q's

My back pain had been with me since I was a teenager some twenty years ago. Taking medication all the time, my whole body system... felt out of whack.

In two very comprehensive healing sessions with Stephen... I moved to an almost pain free existence. Here, two weeks later, I am completely off all my medications.

Even better, I am remembering the little ballet girl that lived in me as a child... Already, from all the money I am saving from not having to purchase expensive pain medication, I have collected together enough to begin a yoga instructor’s training course.

I have a new life that is completely embracing who I really am.

Thank you, thank you Stephen.
— Amanda B., Boston MA



Your session will be as unique as you are, as I use all my training, experience and skills to seek the path of best service for your journey to wholeness.  However, each session will generally follow this basic format:

1. Deep Listening


A session begins by providing a supportive and compassionate environment for you to share your concerns. As I listen to you, I sense and track the deeper levels of what is being said. Throughout our work together, I hold a strong intention to discover and source from your whole and completely vitalized state of being.  

This intention to see you in all your radiant wellness crafts a very successful container for your session.

2. Supportive Guidance

After this period of sharing, I assist you in discovering and embracing the core essence of your authentic self, while guiding you to a place of deep stillness within.  In this place of connection to Divine Source, we journey together to uncover any life patterns, limiting behaviors and beliefs that are holding you back from being fully present to who you really are… and more importantly, who you are becoming!

3. Revitalizing Energy

Next, while you are resting in a comfortable, relaxed position, completely present with me, my hands will hover lightly over your luminous energy field. The vibrating movement of my rattle and the sweet smell of sacred aromatic smoke and herbal infused spritzing water all collectively assist and support you in clearing the imprints of physical and emotional obstacles.


As I work on clearing your energy field, I share with you what I am perceiving. Deep honoring happens as you hear what you have somehow always known was there.  Being “seen” through an open heart of compassionate understanding activates your healing journey. An incredibly powerful release of noxious energies and emotions results from this process, allowing you to shed baggage and break free of forces that have derailed you from your soul’s highest destiny. 

All the while, I will be intentionally directing pure revitalizing life force energy, straight from Divine Source, to nourish and bring your whole energy field to a place of glowing and vibrant illumination. 

This profoundly transformative process will feel like a miracle – true healing journeys are like that! We will both celebrate you in your beautiful radiance. 

4. Collective Integration

Once we have restored your energy field to its natural state of vibrancy, it is important for you to fully embrace this completely vitalized awareness of your healed self. I help you bring closure to our session as you integrate all the new gifts, the wisdom, and the recovered aspects of your soul. Together we draw a new map for your journey that allows you to successfully navigate the new reality of your life. Uplifting possibilities and extraordinary beauty become your ever-present expressions as you go forth, ready to live your highest destiny to the fullest

Where do I meet Stephen for a session?

Depending on the nature of the work and your needs, there are a variety of possibilities.  When you arrange for a session, details will be worked out at that time.  If our arrangement has you coming to my healing studio located in the heart of a 30 acre, life affirming Bio-Dynamic family farm that provides a powerful invitation of support for your wellness journey, please see the map and directions below.  Due to the confidential nature of my work, visits to my studio are by appointment only.

For directions, visit the CONTACT ME! page.

Can we talk first before I schedule a session?

Yes, I offer a free 15 minute consultation via the telephone.  We can visit and see what is of best service to you.  If we discover a mutual yes to working together, we can schedule a session.  If not, I'm pleased to provide a referral to a practitioner that would best serve your situation.


Absolutely NOT! Although my Energy Medicine practice originates from the Laika of the Andes mountains, its healing power is based on supporting YOU in YOUR PERSONAL journey with Divine Source as you best understand it. It is rooted in spiritual energy beyond the specific creeds and belief systems of any religion.

My clients come from all religious backgrounds. Many of my most devout faith-centered individuals have felt their work with me has strengthened their spiritual journey. I have cultivated relationships of mutual understanding with a diverse array of ministers and pastors who highly recommend my work to members of their congregations seeking spiritual healing.


Absolutely YES!  Remote sessions can be just as powerfully transformative as sessions in person. As we talk over the phone, I open to deeper channels of intuitive perception and receive a clear picture of your luminous energy field from a distance. As you relax over the phone, you will feel so connected to Divine Source and to the work we are doing, it is almost as if you could smell the aromatic incense and feel the refreshing spritz of herbal infused water.

While this may be difficult for most people of Western culture to understand, the non-local nature of mind that the ancient wisdom keepers have always known is just beginning to be explored at the frontiers of research in neuro-psychology and quantum physics. Many of my clients, who have no recollection of ever "feeling energy" before, share back with me that the movement of energy in release and revitalization was a very tangible and deeply supportive experience.  

In addition to our work over the phone, many clients have felt that our follow-up phone and email conversations have played an integral and important part in their healing journey.


Sessions typically take 75 to 90 minutes.


Energy medicine allows abundant healing to happen at tremendous speeds and guides clients to transform their lives on all levels.  Just a few sessions provides amazing resources that many people seek from years of typical psychotherapy or extensive medical intervention and expensive pharmaceuticals – And this natural approach has no harmful side effects!

  • Powerful, life-transformative private energy session (in person or remote) for $250 each.

  • 30 minute post-session sage wisdom council check-in for $50.00 each. (These are offered 2-3 weeks after each session, to see how you are doing, create sacred space for your integrating all that you are receiving,  and to look together at what further support you might need.)

  • Bundled package: 3 sessions and 3 post-session sage wisdom council check-ins, (a value of $900.00) for a 10% fee reduction of $810 to celebrate your claiming such a deep transformational commitment to your healing journey. 

Please contact me regarding fees and session lengths with couples, family and group processes and all other services so I can design a plan that is best suited for your unique situation.


Your payment shows your commitment to the process of your awakening.  It also supports me and my family so I can continue to serve as an instrument of healing.  In turn, I practice reciprocity by supporting The Sanctuary Project, Willka Yachay and the Pachamama Alliance in order to give back to the people of the ancient wisdom-keeper culture from which these powerful healing methods originated.

While full compensation is vitally key to supporting my practice, I am committed to your healing journey.

In cases of extreme financial hardships, I am willing to work with you to craft a compensation plan that works with all our needs.


I deeply honor the code of ethics crafted by the Society for Shamanic Practitioners of which I am a professional member.  Please see their webpage for a full description.

The Society for Shamanic Practice

Also, in professional affiliation with the Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselors’ Association, I am guided by the wisdom they offer on honoring each client.  Please see the link to their web page for a full description.

Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselors’ Association

Do you offer nutritional counseling?

Absolutely yes!  In energy medicine, the way to heal the body is by infusing the surrounding luminous energy field with pure revitalizing energy.  This guides the physical body in activated creation and repair.  In concert with this work, and to completely stop the manifestation of disease and begin crafting amazing wellness, you need a healed brain as well.

The chemicals produced by our ordinary stressful lives - powerful steroids - keep us trapped in a predatory mind-frame fighting for survival, mired in strife and away from ecstasy. And these steroids damage the brain center where learning and memory are processed.
— Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Ph. D., The Four Winds Society

From my extensive research and personal experience, I will guide you to a myriad of delicious food choices, as well as supplements, that will turn on the genetic expression that is responsible for setting in motion conditions that allow for your health-span to become equal to your lifespan.  Here, deep inside each neuron and cell in your body, a process is activated that repairs and strengthens your mitochondria, which are vital energy centers at the very core of your healthy life force.

Food is the new healthcare.......with every bite of organic nutrient-dense food, specific signals are sent straight from the stomach to your body.  What you choose to eat signals either health or disease.  There may be premium to eating healthy, but can you afford not to?  You can’t put a price on your health.  Every bite of food is an investment in your health and longevity.  And in living this healthy lifestyle, rather than just following a diet, focus on quality over quantity.  A little bit goes a long way.  Science proves that eating nutrient-rich food stimulates hunger hormones to help regulate and control appetite.  This means more quality and less quantity.  A little bit of the right food goes a long way!
— Patrizia and René Sindlev

In supporting my clients with nutritional counseling, I often am collaborating with my deeply wise and highly creative colleague Brigitta Jansen, MS CN.  Brigitta is a Certified Functional Medicine Nutrition practitioner. As a nutritionist, she aims to address the root cause of disease and imbalance instead of just managing symptoms.  Her nutrition philosophy is to support the body's innate ability to heal itself, using personalized diet and supplement plans, as well as lifestyle counseling, detoxing, gut flora rebalancing, and other natural therapies.  Her motto is, 'Treat the Person not the Disease'.  As a nutritionist and food activist, she is passionate about helping people discover the healing power of real food.